About me and my t-shirts

Hi everyone! I’m Sophia. I’m 9 years old and live in Devon, England.

When my school was closed because of Coronavirus, I did home schooling with my parents. As well as doing the work my teacher asks me to do, I decided to start a business designing t-shirts for girls like me.

Starting a girls t-shirt business has been a great way for me to learn about business, design, building a website, marketing, and lots of other interesting things. Other children might see the fact that I’m a child as inspiration for them to start a business too!

I also wanted to do something to help the people who are helping with Coronavirus, so I decided to give 20% of my sales to NHS Charities Together.

I make each t-shirt by hand by printing the design onto good quality machine-washable t-shirt transfer paper and ironing it onto the t-shirt.

I really hope you like my t-shirt designs!

I love my Purple Flower t-shirt (and my swing!)