About me and my t-shirts

Hi everyone! I’m Sophia. I’m 9 years old and live in Devon, England.

When my school was closed because of Coronavirus, I did home schooling with my parents. As well as doing the work my teacher asks me to do, I decided to start a business designing t-shirts for girls like me.

Starting a girls t-shirt business has been a great way for me to learn about business, design, building a website, marketing, and lots of other interesting things. Other children might see the fact that I’m a child as inspiration for them to start a business too!

I also wanted to do something to help the people who are helping with Coronavirus, so I decided to give 20% of my sales to NHS Charities Together.

I make each t-shirt by hand by printing the design onto good quality machine-washable t-shirt transfer paper and ironing it onto the t-shirt.

I really hope you like my t-shirt designs!

I love my Purple Flower t-shirt (and my swing!)

Also by me

I also wrote a book called “The Blush Thief”. It’s about someone who takes people’s blushes but doesn’t want anyone to see her. Will she get enough blushes in time? What is she planning to use them for? And what will happen when she gets caught?!… Read the book to find out!

I also have a YouTube channel called “Make Stuff With Sophia“, where I tell you how to make or draw things with stuff you have at home! You could learn how to draw the Blush Thief (who I mentioned in the previous paragraph), or I could read the Blush Thief story to you. You might want to draw a picture of a bee making a trail that says “Bee Happy” with bee coloured hearts around the edge, fold paper so it spins if you drop it from a height, and you could make someone else do one so they can race to the ground, or other interesting things like that.